Bienvenue sur la nouvelle version de 3D lounge !

Ca sentait fort la poussière et le vieux html ici, il était grand temps de mettre à jour. J'en ai profité pour aussi me mettre à niveau. Ce site aura donc comme vocation principale de vous montrer mes travaux mais sera aussi, pour moi, un laboratoire où je testerai des petites choses rigolotes comme jQuery .

Bonne visite !


My Little Cthulhu
is a toy created by John Kovalic for Dreamland Toyworks. I m lucky to have one looking at me on my desk so it was just impossible not to do it in 3D. It took me around 10 days to produce the final version of the movie. The voices are an accelereated versions of me and my girlfriend chanting and screaming in a crappy microphone. We had a lot of takes and even more laugh doing it.

Here is what the creator of the toy posted on his blog :
"I’m seriously just blown away by the animation on this. And the cuteness. And the evil. It’s absolutely everything My Little Cthulhu should be about."

Thanks a lot John but you were the first to blow us away with your amazing vision of the Mighty Cthulhu !

My Little Chtulhu Wallpapers

You too can praise the cutest Overlord with these wallpapers ! Comes in Regular, Mighty, and Dark flavor.